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IT Design

Provide leadership as an expert on development tools and practices Create and maintains quality code, consistent with quality standards; provide code maintenance and support during testing cycles and post-production deployment Promote development best practices and act as a coach for development teams Work in the capacity of a SalesForce design and development SME within the team Communicate/explain the system design and the development activities to a group of developers Perform merging and release management activities (packaging, deployments...) within the project Work independently and often autonomously as the senior or lead developer and coach/guide team members within area of expertise

IT Management

Ability to produce good quality documentation Strong time-management and organizational skills with the ability to balance multiple priorities Solid knowledge of data aquisition and integration tools Strong verbal and written communication skills; ability to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical staff Design principles: Object Oriented Analysis & Design, Design Patterns, Strong concurrency, networking, algorithms and data structures knowledge Good verbal and written communication skills; ability to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical staff Ability to process information with high levels of accuracy and attention to detail

Data Security

Organizations around the globe are investing heavily in information Technology (IT) cyber security capabilities to protect their critical assets. Whether an enterprise needs to protect a brand, intellectual capital, and customer information or provide controls for critical infrastructure, the means for incident detection and response to protecting organizational interests have three common elements: people, processes, and Technology. With advanced data encryption, tokenization, and key management to protect data across applications, transactions, storage, and big data platforms, big data solutions,

Business Reform

Antigua and Barbuda made starting a business faster by improving exchange of information between public entities involved in company incorporation. Myanmar made starting a business easier by introducing an online platform for company registration and reducing incorporation fees.Malta made starting a business easier by implementing a one-stop-shop for registration of employer, employees and value added tax. Tunisia made starting a business easier by merging more services into the one-stop shop and by reducing fees.

Infrastructure Plan

nfrastructure Planning is a combination of multiple disciplines and its major application is for policy making and integrated planning. Energy, land use, transportation and building Technologies are highly interdependent and fruitful results could only be obtained if a holistic plan is being made and in that case Infrastructure planning comes into play. Its studies are combination of planning, engineering, sociology and economics. Usually engineers, architects and urban planners can take these courses.

Firewall Advance

In the preceding lesson you learned the basics about the Windows Firewall and how to use it. This time we will go deeper into the detailed rules and exceptions that govern the Windows Firewall.Most users might never need to dig into these settings, and then there may be that one time where you need to allow an application to have access. You will learn about Windows Firewall with Advanced Security, what this special management snap-in is, and how you can use it to truly control everything that the Windows Firewall does.


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